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    Tags: JOHNNY HOCKEYthis is going to be my gaudreau tagi'm going to use it a lot this seasongod he was fucking nasty in the game todayhe's going to fucking tear the entire nhl up this year and i'm so stoked to see itgonna score one goal for every one of his hatersy'all fucking wish johnny GODreau was on your teamas an fyi for those who don't know who he is yetjohnny hockey is a tiny little midget creature that everyone hates because he's ridiculously goodtoo short to play college hockeyties paul kariya's ncaa record and wins the hobey bakertoo short to play against nhl playersscores a goal in his first (and only so far) nhl game and dominates playit was just one game so it doesn't countgoes to the prospect tournament and scores this filthy goal in the first gamei fucking love johnny hockey u guyshe's like fucking 5'6 or some shit idk but they lie and say he's 5'9w/e if that fucking garden gnome patrick kane can play in the nhl then anyone cani'm not a calgary fan but i'm watching all 82 of their games this yearnumber one johnny gaudreau stany'all should google his highlight reels because god fucking damn he is filthyin other news i literally wrote out a schedule for all the prospect games this week-endi watched the 2 today and i have 9 more in the next 4 dayshockey is so great u guysjohnny gaudreau is so great tooplease root for either him or jo drouin to win the calder this yearif u root for anyone else ur dead to meshut up sarahyet another hockey reblog where my tags are longer than the actual post


    Johnny Gaudreau dangles one defender and scores a sick backhand goal.

  2. Player poll: Who is top franchise player?


    How the players voted - the full ballots:

    Brian Gionta: 1. Carey Price; 2. Jonathan Toews; 3. Drew Doughty.

    Niklas Kronwall: 1. Sidney Crosby; 2. Steven Stamkos; 3. Shea Weber. 

    John Tavares: 1. Sidney Crosby; 2. Shea Weber; 3. Jamie Benn. 

    Tyler Seguin: 1. Tuukka Rask; 2. Steven Stamkos; 3. Shea Weber.

    Nick Bjugstad: 1. Jonathan Toews; 2. Zach Parise; 3. Shea Weber.

    Claude Giroux: 1. Claude Giroux; 2. Sidney Crosby; 3. Jonathan Toews. 

    Ryan McDonagh: 1. John Tavares; 2. Erik Karlsson; 3. Shea Weber. 

    Henrik Lundqvist: 1. Sidney Crosby; 2. Zdeno Chara.

    Sidney Crosby: 1. Jamie Benn. 

    Taylor Hall: 1. Sidney Crosby; 2. Jonathan Toews; 3. Erik Karlsson. 

    Erik Karlsson: 1. Henrik Lundqvist; 2. Sidney Crosby; 3. Shea Weber. 

    P.K. Subban: 1. Nathan MacKinnon; 2. Seth Jones; 3. Zach Parise. 

    Patrice Bergeron: 1. Tuukka Rask; 2. Zdeno Chara; 3. Sidney Crosby. 

    Cam Fowler: 1. Ryan Getzlaf; 2. Sidney Crosby; 3. Shea Weber. 

    The whole article is here, but for ESPN insiders only.

    The top three receiving points were:

    1. Sidney Crosby (19), 2. Jonathan Toews (8), and Shea Weber (8)

    it is vitally important that everyone knows that deep down in his heart all sidney crosby really wants is for jamie benn to be his left winger and/or boyfriend

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    Wow, Cosmo finally wrote something important. I approve.

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oohsehun: Vacance

    oohsehun: Vacance

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    Tags: number one king of my heart ales hemskyfinally escaped the pit of despair known as edmonton13 years of sufferingales hemsky 4 ted lindsay 2015i have already started my campaignalso the hart richard and art rossi will give him the masterton tooexemplified the principles of perseverance by surviving the oilers trash heaplook at his face he's so greathe had 17 points in 20 games after he fucked off out of edmontonhe's going to play on a line with benn and seguin this seasoni hope he gets a hattrick against the oilersi hope they cryi hope he gives even more interviews where he talks about how trash the oilers aredear everyone who follows me whether u like hockey or not u should stan ales hemskyu should also hate the oilers because they are a very bad team and they played hemsky as a fucking 4th liner wtfi watched all 20 sénateurs games he played ini now have opinions about ottawa because of him and he needs to take responsibilitymostly my opinions are that zibanejad is going to be great this yearfuck i need the season to start i can't keep watching trash teams out of boredomhave i mentioned that i'm going to dallas for the season openeri have my tickets and everythingdallas vs chicago i might throw up everywhereand to cycle this back on topic i'm probably getting a hemsky jerseyor benn but everyone has benn and also /ales hemsky/this is a lot of tagsif you've read all of them i commend youalso you should start being a dallas stars fan because none of my friends are so i have no one to talk tolook at this gifset how can u not want to support his team


    Ales Hemsky #83

    for anon

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    and people say anime is shit.

    did this motherfucker just suplex a goddamn deer?

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  7. Anonymous said: lol as if suho wouldn't spread cream on tao's back dimples and sehun's white butt


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    Anonymous said: u may want to stop saying "this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me" every time u do either taohun or suho do something worse. but honestly w h a t could be worse than this. hang in there, pal

    i am rage-eating hella burrito right now. they can never be allowed to take a holiday again. i hope they all get sunburned. like really badly. all over.

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    ghostfeather replied to your post:ATTENTION EVERYONE



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